Community Planning Team

The IMUA MAUNALUA Community Planning Team (CPT) is comprised of representatives from the community groups from the Maunalua region that have interests or concerns with the Bay. The Community Planning Team will be responsible for working together to create, support, and implement the plan to heal Maunalua Bay.

Please help build the IMUA MAUNALUA Community Planning Team! Each interested community group will have a Member and an Alternate who will represent the interests of the community group throughout the duration of the planning process. Nominations will close on October 30, 2015. *Nomination period has been extended to November 11, 2015.

If you are interested in serving or wish to nominate an individual to serve on the Community Planning Team, please visit the “Community Planning Team” page and fill out the online nomination form. For more information, please feel free to contact us at

Support Team

The Support Team provides the necessary staff support to make IMUA MAUNALUA operational, including such functions as providing information to and serving as the liaison between the community, Technical Advisors, the Community Planning Team, and the Advisory Council, and organizing the Community Planning Team meetings. The team consists of staff from PAC members.

Technical Advisors

The Technical Advisors are experts on cultural, economic, ecological, governance, and social information, who will be called in to inform Community Planning Team meetings and IMUA MAUNALUA Talk Story Sessions.  The list of contributing Technical Advisors will grow with the process. The following are committed Technical Advisors to date:

Coral Reef Ecosystem

  • Dr. Alan Friedlander, University of Hawaiʻi – fish/coral
  • Dr. Mark Hixon, University of Hawaiʻi – fish/coral
  • Dr. Bob Richmond, University of Hawaiʻi – Sediment
  • Dr. Lisa Wedding, Stanford University – Ocean Tipping Points, coral reef ecosystem
  • Dr. Eva Schemmel, University of Hawaiʻi – Pono Fishing
  • Dr. Wendy Kuntz, Kapiʻolani Community College – algae
  • Dr. Eric Conklin, The Nature Conservancy – algae

Coastal Hazards/Sea Level Rise

  • Dr. Dolan Eversole, University of Hawaiʻi – Coastal Hazards
  • Dr. Kem Lowry, University of Hawaiʻi– Coastal Hazards

Land-based Issues

  • Andy Hood, SRGII
  • Bob Stanfield, C&C Department of Planning
  • Randall Wakumoto, C&C Environmental Services, Storm Water
  • Wendy Wiltse, EPA
  • Hudson Slay, EPA

Project Advisory Council

In pursuit of its primary goal, to facilitate a plan for Maunalua Bay, Mālama Maunalua (MM) reached out to the Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR), National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Conservation International–Hawaii (CI), The Nature Conservancy of Hawaii (TNC), and the Harold K.L. Castle Foundation to seek advice and support in developing a community based Maunalua Bay Plan. This group has been meeting since early 2015 to help structure the process.  It has become known as the Project Advisory Council or PAC.

As its title indicates, the PAC provides advice and resources to the project. It neither directs nor governs the results or the substance of recommendations. The makeup of the PAC is flexible, depending on member’s capacity to provide resources and essential advise to the project. Currently serving on the PAC are TNC, CI, MM, Hawaii Kai Chamber of Commerce, and the Harold K.L. Castle Foundation. DLNR and NOAA are ex-officio members.

The PAC is not intended to represent individual or commercial interests. The place for specific user or interest groups to participate is as part of the Community Planning Team. The CPT will determine the recommended management strategies for the future of Maunalua Bay.