Community Planning Team Nomination Period to Close on Oct. 30

There are only two more weeks left to nominate individuals for the IMUA MAUNALUA Community Planning Team!

Submit your nominations on the Community Planning Team page until October 30.

The Community Planning Team plays a pivotal role in the development and implementation of a plan to heal the Bay, as its members represent the many community groups that use and/or value Maunalua Bay, such as businesses, fishers, boaters, paddlers, divers, surfers, and cultural practitioners. Residents are encouraged to nominate individual(s) to serve as members of the Community Planning Team who best represent their interest(s) in the Bay.

Imua Maunalua Community Planning Team FlyerSpread the word! Download and share a flyer with your networks.

Download: JPG; PDF (Right click on the media file when opened and select “save image as”)